Giving @ CPC

You have questions... We have answers. 

What ministry would benefit the most from my gift?

The best way to support Community Presbyterian Church is by making a contribution to the general offering (an unrestricted gift). This allows us to direct the money to where it is needed most.

What is the best way to give money to Community Presbyterian Church?

We gladly accept whatever method is most convenient to you. Cash, hand written checks and setting up webpay from your online bank account where they mail a check to us provides 100% of your gift to CPC. But that is not always convenient and some people no longer use checks or carry cash. Donating electronically through our website, PushPay text or CPC app does carry a small charge that varies with the method: ACH transfers directly from your bank account about one half of a percent; debit cards vary but basically 1% and credit cards vary between 2 to 3.5% depending on type of card (MC, Visa, AE) and whether it is a simple card or you are collecting points. The CPC Finance team wants to provide a range of options hoping that each person supporting will choose the method that works best for their situation.

Where does my giving go?

Your giving supports the ongoing ministry of Community Presbyterian Church as well as our local and global mission partners. We honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability so that the financial integrity of Community Presbyterian Church remains above reproach. CPC’s budget lays out where the church funds are spent. It is a “plan” that is approved by the Session (governing board of elders) and presented to the congregation. The budget is organized to show how much money is to go to each church ministry. Chart A summarizes the 2015-2016 budget, which totals $1,375,426.

Here are some examples of what we pay for through the various ministries in the budget: 

  • Staff salaries are included in the various ministries in which the staff do their work. For example, the Lead Pastor’s salary is a part of Pastoral Ministry, the Children’s Ministry Director’s salary is included in Children’s Ministry, and the Church Executive under Operations.
  • Sunday morning activities are paid from different accounts, including church service music costs from the Music & Worship budget, adult classes supported from Adult Ministries, Sunday School with funding from Children’s, and youth group costs from the Student Ministries budget.
     Help for those in need includes purchase of food for the Thursday food ministry, paid from the Outreach budget, and the work of the deacons and Stephens Ministers, funded from Care.
  • Weekly Bible studies are supported by Adult Ministries.
  • Contributions to outreach ministries in Ventura (such as EPIC, City Center) and throughout the world, including Dos Pueblos in Mexico, God’s Hidden Treasures in Ukraine, Viata in Romania, and many, many more, are funded from Outreach. There is also a contribution towards our share for the operation of our denomination, ECO, included in the Pastoral Ministry budget.
  • Ongoing operations in the operations account include much of what we have to pay to keep the church running, including insurance, utilities, maintenance, computer/internet, trash collection, cleaning, and taxes.
What are my options for designating where my CPC contributions will be spent?

CPC’s members are strongly encouraged to give a tithe (10% of income) on a regular basis in the general fund offering contributions. The members are also encouraged to give offerings as they feel led to various designated causes within CPC’s budget, especially to the Deacons’ Fund and to Outreach.

If I designate my gift to a specific use at CPC, will that particular activity get to spend the amount of my contribution in addition to the amount they have in the budget?

Generally not. That’s because the church budget covers three different types of income, and it already plans on receiving a certain amount of support from each of these sources:

  • Sunday Donations to the General Fund which cover basic ministry expenses, salaries, utilities, etc. This is the $1,203,000 piece of the pie below amounting to 86% of the total plan. (Tax Deductible Donations)
  • Designated Donations to specific ministries approved by Session such as Deacons’ Benevolence, Food Outreach, missions, the special offerings for Children’s Preschool, or Student Ministry, etc. (Tax Deductible Donations)
  • Non Tax-Deductible payments for buying books, youth camps, seminars, weddings & memorial fees, etc. There is also giving to Designated Partners and Faith in Action that are completed outside of the annual church budget. In 2015 these donation amounted to an additional $86,000 of missional giving.
Can I make a contribution to CPC and direct that it be forwarded to an outside cause?

The Session has approved two organizations called “Designated Partners” for which we will contribute as a church all that is designated for them

  • Dos Pueblos Ministry (Mexico)
 • Signpost Missionworks (Sierra Leone)

 These organizations have each been carefully screened and selected by the Missions Support Team. Of course, we strongly recommend you help contribute to the wonderful organizations and missionaries selected by the Missions Support Team as part of the annual plan for giving. They rely on your designated giving to “Missions” to help raise the shortfall between their plan and what is contributed from the General Fund. If someone wishes to support any other organization or even those supported in the Missions budget (but above and beyond our missions budget), a contribution must be sent directly to that organization.

Can I give online rather than bothering with checks, collection plates, etc.?

Certainly!!! Right here at in the “Give.” To give online or download our cpcventura app for mobile giving.

  Can I designate a contribution to a specific part of the church’s budget?

It is not possible to track every possible type of designated contribution! That’s why the Session has approved certain designated causes as described in the prior question.

What pays for property improvements such as repairing the stained glass windows?

In years past the church was blessed with some large bequests which have been invested in a Repair & Replace account. Each year, 5% of this fund, about $27,500 per year, is made available for major repairs and replacements. We are grateful to the past generations for this provision, as an older facility like ours requires a tremendous amount of maintenance and upkeep! For example, the cost of repairing one large stain glass window is $30,000, which is a good share of the available improvement funds for two years. Additional funds for special improvement projects, including the stained glass windows, come from contributions designated for those projects.

Does the church have other investments?

Yes. In addition to bequests having been put in the account for capital improvements, some of those funds were also put in an investment account called the “Capital Fund” that has primarily been used to assist new church staff relocating to Ventura to enter this expensive housing market. However, as was discussed at the recent Congregational Meetings when it was decided to leave the PCUSA and join ECO, about $181,000 from this account was used to pay the Presbytery to keep our property as we left the denomination. It was hoped that those funds would eventually be replenished by special donations. Thus far, only half of those funds have been replenished.

How can I make a stock or mutual fund gift?

Call or email John Exell to get CPC’s Senior Church Executive. Using this information you can instruct your brokerage to transfer stock to Community Presbyterian Church.

How do I get a receipt for my gifts?

You will receive your contribution statement in the mail in January detailing the previous year’s gifts. If you need one right away, you can call our Jane Gin our bookkeeper at 805-648-2737 ext 105.