The Cross at Grant Park in Ventura California at sunset. Beautiful Califonria sunset. The Channel Islands.

At Community Presbyterian Church we truly are a "Community of Growing Disciples, Growing Disciples". We are constantly striving to grow in the Lord and to help others do the same. This page contains links to many of the fine ministries here at CPC that are available to you for that very purpose. Come grow with us, we are excited to have you here.

LIFE Classes

These classes are an opportunity to
  Learn more of God’s Word,
  Invest deeper in community with one another,
  Form a deeper and broader walk as a disciple, becoming ever more
  Equipped and Engaged to “walk in the same manner Christ walked.”

Every person has something to gain and something to offer no matter how seasoned or new in faith or understanding of Scripture. Whether you have been in a hundred studies or don’t know where to begin all are welcome.

Sunday Mornings

Our Life Groups classes take place during the first or second service and are designed for anyone of any age of level of faith.

during the week

In addition to Sundays, there are a variety of worship and study opportunities throughout the week. Check it out and get involved.