Patterson Sabbatical

Sabbatical Update - April 2017

By the time you read this Linda and I will have begun our sabbatical time away. We are deeply grateful for this break and could never adequately express our gratitude for this opportunity of renewal and rest. We have been working on plans for almost a year and it is exciting to have them finally begin.

It is hard to keep our lives balanced. I think that is true for most people in this frenetic age. It is easy to find our lives are shaped more by the demands that bubble up around us than our understanding of who we are and what we were made to do and be. Linda and I are intending to use this time away from the press of responsibilites to explore anew God’s will for us and how he might better use us to build up his people. As we turn to the last third of our lives and the final decade of pastoral ministry we want to hear afresh God’s call and direction. We want to enter these years with a fresh filling of his Spirit and fresh anointing to do all he has called.

I am looking forward to a fresh and different approach to the Scriptures and prayer. I am eager to read theology books that have been purchased but left untouched in the busyness of church life. I am looking forward to time with Linda and our daughters. I am looking forward to being outdoors more and having fun with the adventure sports and simple hiking I love. Time for art projects—I’ve already started drawing again and put new strings on my guitar—are an important part of both rest and rediscovering God’s call and gifting. And I am confident the chance for rest, spiritual renewal and growth, prayer, and reflection will bring a renewal of spiritual depth and creative energy needed to pastor and lead this wonderful church family.

Though I will be gone for most of the summer the staff will be here and the church will remain fully functioning. We have a great team of people and I know you are in good hands. Bruce will be taking on the majority of the preaching and has some great plans that include bringing in some wonderful speakers from outside the church. It will be a great summer for all.

Thank you again for this opportunity and for your encouragement and support. Thank you too for the notes, support, and encouraging comments we have received. Linda and I ask that you would keep us in your prayers as we seek to draw closer to the Lord and greater in the strength he provides.

God bless!