I am thrilled to be joining you at CPC! I look forward to being transformed together as we worship, serve and grow as disciples together in the coming years! I hope to sit and enjoy a conversation soon with many of you,but in the meantime...a few things you may be interested in about me….

   I enjoy creative projects, learning new things, reading, photography, and being outdoors. Spending time with students recharges me and teaches me. I grew up outside of Yosemite and believe that if He can create that breathtaking place, I can certainly trust Him to create a beautiful story of my life. I am constantly amazed that we are loved by a God who showers us with His love and grace.

   I have an incredible husband. Jason and I fell in love doing ministry together at Forest Home’s Adventure Mountain and have greatly enjoyed doing ministry together since! Jason continues to teach me what it means to serve and be a disciple in our crazy adventure of life...he is also a pretty amazing Ultimate Frisbee player! Jason and I attended CPC from 2005-2009 (He was the Middle School Director at the time). Some of our favorite ministry memories are from our time here previously, and it is an unexpected blessing that we would be working with some of the students who were dedicated or baptised as babies then who are now in Middle School!

   We have two amazingly fun children: Mikaela and Moses. Mikaela is ten and loves animals, reading, sunrises, laughing and swimming. Moses is seven and loves sports, creating through building, hiking. As a family, we enjoy playing games, playing in the ocean or at the beach, camping, hiking and adventuring together. Our entire family looks forward to living life together with the body of Christ at CPC.

   I am the product of other disciples of Jesus pouring love, wisdom, prayer and time into my life. I am passionate about working with students because I have seen the evidence of God’s hand at work that can alter a student’s life for all eternity...and as an added bonus...student ministry is a whole lot of fun as well! I am excited to explore how to creatively apply the the five Gs (Gospel, Gathering, Growing, Giving, and Going) within student ministries. I am also passionate about being a part of an intergenerational congregation. One of the reasons I am at CPC is the commitment I have seen from people here to figure out what it looks like to be an intergenerational church. Please know that you have an important part to play in the lives of students at CPC. We need your wisdom, your humor, your love, your prayers, your passions, your stories, your support to enrich each of our lives as followers of Christ.

Thank you for the warm and gracious welcome I have already received.
Tami Clabaugh