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Community Presbyterian Church is a special place for lots of reasons. We are blessed with wonderful people of all ages. We are growing in faith, love, and as disciples. We are actively striving to make our community a better place, but these are not our greatest assets. A person, group, or movement becomes great only when it lifts its gaze from self to something greater.

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Join us at the Welcome table on the patio, we are glad you're here and want to do all we can to make your time here special. Our Hospitality Team is there to help, can answer any questions and get you plugged in.

What We Believe

Take a closer look at the mission and beliefs of CPC in the statements below.


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Our Hospitality Team consists of Greeters, Ushers and Hospitality Volunteers at the Welcome Table and around our CPC campus. If you are interested in being part of the team, or are looking for more information, see us at the Welcome Center on the patio; or contact:

Community Presbyterian Church is a community of growing disciples, growing disciples. Three interwoven tasks are expressed in this statement. First, we are a community. We are a united family of believers, part of the body of Christ, joined together by Jesus and our love for him. Together we strive to be faithful, encouraging one another on the journey, teaching, coaching, loving, and guiding one another in this journey of faith into ever deeper faith and committed discipleship. Second, each person is called to be a growing disciple. We encourage each person to vigorously pursue Christ Jesus and grow continually in their understanding of the faith, Scripture, and in the practice of spiritual disciplines and the Christian life. Third, we exist to help others grow in discipleship. This means evangelism and mission work through which we bring others to faith, instruction and help in Christian growth, and training for ministry. We desire each person to feel part of a warm, loving Christian community, to intentionally pursue growth in faith and spiritual maturity, and grow in the passion and skills that makes them effective ambassadors of Jesus and his kingdom. This mission statement guides our work and ministry from week to week and through each day. It is being taught in and by each session TEAM and forms the basis for the work of the staff and each department.

OUR VISION STATEMENT Our vision at Community Presbyterian Church is to become a multi-generational, culturally represented community centered on Christ and empowered by the Spirit to actively demonstrate the kingdom of God with all its love, joy, justice, and peace, and to intentionally expand its influence to our community, denomination, and world.  


AN OVERVIEW - In the Presbyterian Church we shy away from simple statements of faith, believing that the work and love of God is too rich and wonderful to describe in simple ways. For that reason we do not have one single creed or confession. Instead, our beliefs are expressed in part one of the church’s constitution called the Book of Confessions. This book contains an assortment of important creeds and statements from across the whole two-thousand years of the church’s history. Some of these (the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed) are shared by nearly all of Christendom. Others are more unique to the Reformed tradition and emerge from its birth during the Reformation. These include The Scots Confession (1560), The Heidelberg Catechism (1563) and The Second Helvetic Confession (1566). Others were written in times of extreme difficulty or change to address the need of the day, such as The Barmen Confession.

FAITH, MEMBERSHIP & DISCIPLESHIP - Just as Christ Jesus welcomes all, so we at Community Presbyterian Church welcome and invite all to participate in worship, study, fellowship, and prayer and to receive pastoral care. Whether seeker or devout, broken or healed, grieving or rejoicing, all are free to join us in our quest to seek, learn, and enjoy our God and to know the love and support of the church. While participation in any or all of these areas is open to all, without restriction, definition, or limitation, Active Membership is more carefully and precisely defined in the Presbyterian Church.