Community Presbyterian Church is a community of growing disciples, growing disciples.

Our vision and mission is to love our neighbors and focus on how we, as the church, can capture the hearts and minds of people in such a way that they are compelled to return to hear, feel, and participate with the God who loves them through Jesus.

To help CPC live out this calling, we are excited to announce a change in our schedule on Sunday mornings.

9:00-10:10 AM

This is the more traditional of our two Sunday services, if you enjoy hearing the choir sing, like the pipe organ or singing hymns from the hymnal, this is the service for you. The sermon is the same at either service.

  • First Worship Service
  • Adult Education Classes
  • Children's Education Classes
  • Nursery Child Care
  • Youth Education Classes

10:10-10:30 AM

  • All Church Courtyard Fellowship
  • Children's & Nursery Child Care

10:30-11:45 AM

This is the more contemporary of our two Sunday services, music is led by our worship band in a more high energy atmosphere. The sermon is the same at either service.

  • Second Worship Service
  • Adult Education Classes
  • Children's Education Classes
  • Nursery Childcare
  • Youth at Worship Service

 PLEASE JOIN US FOR "On Being Transformed" 
Remember to invite your friends and neighbors

The past two summers we’ve taken a special journey through the Scriptures. Members of our own church family have shared their stories connected to a verse that has been most meaning-full in their life. The sermon explored at these verses and what they say about God, faith, and life and then the persons choosing the verse shared why and how that passage had touched their lives. The series has been well received and very moving. This summer we’re going to do it again…with a little twist.

Nine people from across the church will share how a verse or passage of Scripture has been transformational in helping shape them to the image of Christ. As in the past two years, each person I asked said, “yes;” some joyfully, some after a deep breath! These people truly draw from the whole church family: some have been at CPC for decades while others have joined the family only recently. Some have grown up in the Church, others have come to faith as adults.

So once again this summer you will hear from them as well as from a variety of preachers. The sermon will cover the passage chosen by that day’s “sharer,” looking at what it says to us about God and living faithfully. This will be followed by the testimony from one of these gracious people. You will hear how they have been challenged by God through his Word to bear the image of Christ. You may hear how they were led to faith, challenged to new character and behavior, or to surrender and walk in the same manner Jesus walked. The great joy of a series like this is that all of us will hear from those who sit around us each week describe the wonders, love, and grace of “being transformed” by God into his image.This series will cover nine Sundays, beginning on June 25 and ending on Aug 21.

Worship is always most meaningful for those who have prepared. Thus we encourage you to take time to prepare for Sunday worship by:

  • Praying the Lord would speak to you and give you the word you need for the day and week
  • Praying for the service, for those leading it, and for those giving the message and testimony
  • Reading the verse ahead of time and giving it time of reflection, prayer, and conversation  

The time and energy you put into this study, more than anything else, will determine what you get out of it. We invite you to dive in deep and experience the reality of Jesus’ wonders these passages proclaim.

Taking it Deeper

We encourage each person in the church family to consider the question given to each of those who will be sharing this summer: What passage of Scripture has encouraged or challenged you towards being transformed to bear the image of Christ? It may be a verse that led you to confess Jesus for the very first time. It may be passage that has become “transformational” only recently as you journey on this path of faith. Either is good and valuable. What matters for us all, as we grow as disciples, is we allow the Word of God to speak into our lives and shape us.
Other Resources:

 · Join a Community Group! One of the most important realities of our lives being transformed by God to bear the image of Christ is that there is no such thing as it happening outside of real community. We have a variety of community groups already meeting and a team ready to help you get into one, or even start one! Contact them at
• Dallas Willard – one of the great minds on biblical discipleship for our day. His books such as “The Great Omission,” “The Divine
• The Life God Blesses – Gordon MacDonald. “The God of the Bible blesses lives. Meaning, that He stands willing – in fact, desires – to pour out upon people gracious and uncommon gifts.” This book asks some great questions and offers helpful insights and guidance.
• The Disciple-Making Church, Glenn McDonald. An important book with challenge for both individuals and the whole church. There are copies of this available from pastor Bruce.            

There are many other books, resources, and passages of Scripture that speak to these issues. If you would like more or if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact any one of our pastors.

This sermon series will run from,  June 25 - August 21.           
Please plan on joining us each week for this important series, and invite someone to join you!


June 25 - Chris Wood Testimony - Exodus 20:12
VBS Sunday


July 2 - John Exell Testimony - Philippians 2:12-13
Communion Sunday


 July 9 - Alison Lucic Testimony - Ephesians 1:3-14


July 16 - Kim Lindee Testimony - Matthew 5:43-48

July 23 - Karen Greenough Testimony - 1 Peter 5:6-11


July 30 - Randy Crenshaw Testimony - Jeremiah 29:13

August 6 - Jim Peters Testimony - Isaiah 57:14-15
Communion Sunday

August 13 - Joe Bendot Testimony - Luke 23:34

August 20 - Pat Chaney Testimony - Deut. 32:46-47